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Sunroof Replacement Glass: Here’s What to Expect With a Sunroof Replacement

Sunroof Replacement Glass: Here's What to Expect With a Sunroof Replacement

Today, we’re diving into everything you need to know about sunroof replacement glass and what to expect when swapping it out.

A sunroof is one of the best features a vehicle can have. It is a must-have characteristic for many car owners. It allows you and your passengers to enjoy the warm sunshine, the light breeze on your skin, the fresh air in your lungs, and the beautiful views of the world above. 

But your sunroof is still made from glass and can wear down with exposure to extreme temperatures, regular use, and other types of damage. This window is like all other windows in your car and is not impervious to deterioration, malfunction, or damage. Even if you don’t use your sunroof as frequently as the other window in your car, at some point, it will need attention, repair, and possibly even replacement.

A sunroof replacement isn’t something that car owners have to deal with very often. So, knowing what happens during the process is key so you know what to expect.

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What is Sunroof Glass?

Sunroof glass is a special type that provides drivers and passengers superior protection and durability for sunroofs. Generally speaking, sunroof glass is made from tempered glass, a kind of glass that has been treated with high heat to increase its break resistance and overall strength. Sunroof glass is further protected by a type of special coating that aids in protecting it and the interiors of the car from damaging UV rays.

4 Common Sunroof Issues that Require Repair or Replacement

While a sunroof replacement isn’t as common as other types of auto or glass repair and replacements, it can be necessary when certain problems come up. Here are several issues that may come up that require professional attention and could result in replacement:

  1. LEAKING — If the drainage system of your sunroof is damaged or clogged, it cannot function properly. If this is the case, you may notice water entering your car. When the silicone or neoprene sealing around the sunroof glass deteriorates or incurs damage, that could also let water leak into your vehicle.
  2. DAMAGED GLASS — While most sunroofs are made from tempered glass, it doesn’t mean it is impervious to damage. Falling objects and extreme temperatures are the common culprits behind damaged sunroofs.
  3. DAMAGED CABLE OR TRACK — A sunroof that functions properly should easily open and close. Suppose your sunroof begins catching as it moves or makes peculiar sounds; the cable or track could be damaged.
  4. MOTOR FAILURE — Sunroof motor failure is rare but not unheard of. If your sunroof won’t open or close or starts operating much slower than it normally does, it may have a damaged motor.
Sunroof Replacement What to Expect

Sunroof Replacement: What to Expect

Before you Google “How to Replace My Sunroof DIY,” let us tell you right now: sunroof replacement glass should always be placed by a trained and trusted auto glass technician. Your tech will consider a few factors when replacing your sunroof. Here’s a list of things they have to keep in mind:

  • GLASS TYPE — The type of glass used for the replacement sunroof glass should match the factory glass, which is usually tempered. Sometimes, automakers will use laminated glass rather than tempered glass, which can be more shatter-proof, provide additional sun protection, and offer a quieter ride.
  • DESIGN — Complicated designs, like panoramic roof systems, typically take longer to install and are more expensive.
  • SIZE — A sunroof’s size will determine how much air and light is let into your car. The size also plays into the cost. Generally speaking, larger sunroofs and necessary parts cost more than smaller ones.
  • COST — Cost includes parts and labor. Some sunroof replacement glass companies will offer their customers free warranties on workmanship and free mobile installation.
  • INSTALLATION — Sunroof installations should only be completed by a qualified auto glass technician. Remember, no searching the web for “Replace My Sunroof DIY Guide.” Many companies offer Mobile services for your convenience, allowing the work to be done at home, work, or wherever is best for you.
  • MAINTENANCE — Once your sunroof is installed, consider performing regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the gaskets, glass, tray, and drain lines periodically.
  • WARRANTY — Warranties do not typically cover the glass itself (but your insurance policy could cover it!). However, a warranty may cover your sunroof if something goes wrong with the installation.

The Benefits of Sunroof Replacement Glass

If your sunroof is broken, the benefits are pretty obvious. Of course, a replacement will protect the interiors of your can from water and UV damage. But there’s even more to enjoy. Here are some of the benefits of a professional replacement (one last time, remember, never attempt a “DIY replace my sunroof” project at home!):

  • IMPROVED SAFETY — Sunroof replacement glass can improve the safety of your car. Damaged sunroofs can be a safety hazard to you and others on the road. Replacement glass helps keep you and your passengers safe and sound.
  • A BETTER LOOK — The look of your car can be significantly improved by replacing your sunroof. The new, undamaged glass will give your car new life and a modern look.
  • ENHANCED RESALE VALUE — Replacing your sunroof glass can help increase your car’s resale value. When it comes time to sell, a car with a newer, better sunroof will get you a higher sale price.
  • INCREASED COMFORT — Sunroof replacement glass can improve your car’s comfort. New glass can help regulate temperature (keep warm air out in hotter months while keeping cold air out in cooler months) and allow you to actually open and use your sunroof.
  • REDUCED NOISE — A damaged sunroof can cause a lot of noise in the cab of your car, making for an uncomfortable and loud car ride. Swapping the glass can help cut down on noise and make the ride more enjoyable all around.

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