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What to Look for in a Warranty for Windshield Replacement

Mobile windshield installation with warranty on windshield replacement services.

A warranty on windshield replacement is crucial if you need to get your windshield replaced.

Cars are chock-full of safety restraint features, such as seatbelts, brakes, airbags, backup cameras, blind spot warning lights, and many more. The windshield is one of any car’s most important safety restraint features, but it is sometimes overlooked. The windshield is an integral component of your vehicle’s safety restraint system.

It keeps rocks and other debris out of your car, keeps your car roof from caving in if you roll over, prevents you and your passengers from being ejected in a serious crash, and so much more. 

While a small chip or crack on your windshield may seem insignificant and harmless, it is actually a huge safety hazard. 

Something as little as a hairline crack or bullseye chip could cause your glass to shatter, so it is essential to repair your windshield or replace it as soon as possible. The good news is that most windshield replacements only take an hour or so, and in many cases, it is covered by comprehensive car insurance coverage. 

However, not all windshield replacement companies are created equally. Choosing the right place to get your windshield replacement is crucial and will play an important role down the road, especially if you need to rely on your warranty on windshield replacement.

Many auto glass repair companies offer a warranty when they repair or replace your windshield. But, this may leave you wondering how an auto glass warranty works, what you should look for in a warranty, and how the company warranty the glass.

After all, nothing can be done to prevent a rock from flying on the highway and striking your windshield again. If you are looking at using an auto glass repair and replacement company that warrants their products and work, there is some crucial information you need to know.

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What is a windshield replacement warranty?

A warranty on windshield replacement guarantees the work and product of the repair or replacement. A warranty for your windshield does not mean that your auto glass will not get damaged by any other debris again. 

For a repair, it simply means that if a chip or crack is repaired or filled on your windshield, that crack or chip will not spread or grow further. When a chip or crack is not addressed correctly, it can grow or spread due to various factors, such as cold weather or hitting a speed bump or pothole. When the glass is repaired correctly, these things will not occur, and your chip or crack will remain the same size. 

A warranty for mobile windshield installation and replacement services.

A repair warranty guarantees that the chip or crack will not grow and that the repair is done correctly. Depending on the size of the chip or crack growth and its location on your windshield, your repair company will either pay to re-repair the damage or, if necessary, replace your entire windshield.

As for a replacement warranty, it will vary from one company to the next. But, generally speaking, a replacement warranty covers the glass replacement service against product defects and workmanship for a stated amount of time. Some are a few months, while others are a year or even a lifetime, as long as you own or lease the car.

To qualify for these warranties, you need to notify the auto glass replacement company within one month of discovering the defect. Most companies will not take responsibility for further damage from the delay in notifying them. Replacement warranties are not transferable to another lessor or owner in most cases.

Depending on the company and the warranty they offer, any issues that occur due to installation errors, like water and wind, leaks, loose moldings, and various types of stress cracks, at the option of the replacement company, will be repaired or replaced at no cost.

These warranties do not typically cover structural damage, stress cracks or leakage caused by pre-existing rust, or other damage due to vandalism or impact with foreign objects, like rocks or other debris, resulting in rock chips or cracks.

A lot of warranties will have an option that if the company makes chip or crack repairs and you are not satisfied with those repairs to your auto glass, the company will credit the chip repair cost towards a replacement of the glass by that same company. Of course, this probably won’t matter if you use your insurance to cover the costs.

Again, every warranty is different from one to the next. So make sure you look for a good warranty.

What to look for in a windshield replacement warranty

If you need a new windshield, it’s wise to find a company that offers a windshield replacement warranty. Here’s what to look for:

  • Do not assume

Find a company that actually offers a warranty. Not all auto glass repair companies offer warranties, so do not assume you will get one.

  • Read the fine print 

Before signing off on your new windshield replacement, make sure you are happy with the terms, length, and coverage of the warranty and that you understand it thoroughly. Make sure you also understand what is not covered. Most car owners find it important that the warranty covers both the glass and the installation. Ask your questions now before it’s too late!

  • Look at reviews

Always take time to read through the reviews on a third-party website. Scrolling through two or three pages of reviews can give you a lot of insight. You’ll also get an accurate idea of what kind of company they are by reading about real-life experiences (the good and the bad). 

People who have had amazing, above-and-beyond experiences and terrible, never-go-there-again experiences never hold back when leaving a review. You’ll learn everything you need to know after a few minutes on a review site. You will quickly catch on to any common themes.

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