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Repair or Replace: What To Do About Rock Chip Damage 

Repair or Replace: What To Do About Rock Chip Damage 

Can rock chips be fixed? Yes. They sure can. Do you have a rock chip in your windshield that is driving you crazy? The real question is — should you get a windshield replacement or have it repaired? 

Here is a quick overview that should help you decide between rock chip repair or replacement: 

Whether to repair or replace a windshield with a rock chip depends on several factors, including the damage’s size, location, and severity.

If the rock chip is smaller than a quarter and not in the driver’s line of vision, it may be possible to repair the chip. Windshield repair is typically less expensive than a total replacement and can usually be completed in under an hour. Another great thing about rock chip repair is that many companies offer free mobile service, which means they come to you. 

However, a total windshield replacement may be necessary if the rock chip is larger than a quarter or in the driver’s line of vision. In general, any damage that obstructs the driver’s view is considered a safety hazard and requires a replacement.

It’s also important to consider the severity of the damage. A replacement is typically the safest option if the rock chip has caused a deep crack or fracture. However, driving with a damaged windshield can be dangerous, as it may weaken the overall structure of the windshield and compromise its ability to protect you in the event of an accident.

What to expect if you choose to get the rock chip in your windshield repaired: 

  • Cleaning and Preparation – The technician will first clean the damaged area to remove any dirt, debris, or moisture that may interfere with the repair process. They may also use a special tool to widen the chip slightly, which helps the resin to penetrate deeper into the damaged area.
  • Injection of Resin – The technician will inject a special resin into the damaged area using a tool designed to create a vacuum to draw the resin into the crack. The resin is designed to fill the damaged area and bond with the glass, restoring its structural integrity.
  • Curing – After the resin has been injected, it needs to be cured or hardened using an ultraviolet (UV) light. This usually takes a few minutes, and the technician may use a special tool to cover the area with a UV-protective film to ensure that the resin is fully cured.
  • Finishing – Once the resin has cured, the technician will trim away any excess resin and polish the area to ensure a smooth, even finish.

The repair process typically takes less than an hour and can usually be completed on the same day. Most technicians also provide a warranty on their work, giving you peace of mind knowing that your repaired windshield is protected. 

However, it’s important to note that while windshield repair can be effective for small chips and cracks, there may be more viable solutions for larger or more severe damage. In those cases, a total windshield replacement may be necessary.

What to expect if you are replacing your windshield due to a rock chip: 

If you’re replacing your windshield due to a rock chip, here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Removing the Old Windshield – The technician will remove the damaged windshield from your vehicle. They may use a special tool to cut through the adhesive that holds the windshield in place.
  • Cleaning and Preparation – Once the old windshield is removed, the technician will clean the area around the windshield and remove any remaining adhesive. They may also inspect the area for any other damage that may need to be addressed.
  • Installation of the New Windshield – The technician will then install the new windshield, using a special adhesive to hold it in place. They will carefully align the new windshield to ensure a proper fit and may use clamps to hold it in place until the adhesive sets.
  • Curing and Finishing – After the new windshield is installed, the adhesive needs to cure for a while to ensure a strong bond. The technician will also clean and inspect the new windshield to ensure it’s free from defects or imperfections.

The entire process typically takes a few hours to complete, depending on the type of vehicle and the specific windshield being replaced. It’s important to note that a windshield replacement is typically more expensive than a repair, but it’s necessary in cases where the damage is too severe to be repaired.

In addition, most windshield replacement companies offer a warranty on their work, which can provide peace of mind knowing that your new windshield is protected.

Why You Should Leave Windshield Repairs and Replacements to Professional 

If you are lucky enough to live in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and especially Bountiful, there is one professional in particular — Utah Mobile Auto Glass — that can provide all the services you need for a windshield replacement or repair:  

  • Safety – Your windshield is an important safety component of your vehicle, and it’s essential that it’s repaired or replaced correctly. A professional windshield technician has the knowledge and experience to ensure the work is done safely and properly.
  • Quality – A professional technician will use high-quality materials and tools to ensure the repair or replacement is performed to a high standard. This will help ensure your windshield is as strong and durable as possible.
  • Warranty – Most professional windshield repair and replacement companies offer a warranty on their work, which can provide peace of mind knowing that you’re protected if something goes wrong.
  • Convenience – A professional technician can usually complete the work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and hassle. They may also offer mobile services, which means they can come to you to perform the repair or replacement.
  • Insurance – If you have insurance coverage for windshield repair or replacement, a professional technician can work with your insurance company to help ensure that your claim is handled correctly and that you get the coverage to which you’re entitled.

Utah Mobile Auto Glass 

Choosing a professional to handle rock chip repair or replacement of your windshield is the best way to ensure that the work is done correctly, safely, and efficiently. This is exactly why you should choose Utah Mobile Auto Glass. Contact us today, and let us extend the life of your windshield and keep you safe on the road.