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How to Know What to Do With Your Car Side Window

How to Know What to Do With Your Car Side Window

A broken window can cause major problems– so whether it came from a burglary, a rock, or nature, you should perform a car side window replacement.

Most people think of the front windshield when considering replacing a vehicle’s glass. Given that it’s the glass you look through the most, this makes sense.

Although front windshields are the most critical windows, side windows are also quite essential. Many people might choose to ignore a damaged side window but doing so just invites negative consequences such as robbery, bugs, and dirt.

Read on to learn more about the significance of car side windows, as well as their replacement procedures.

What to Do When Your Car Side Window Is Broken

If you discover that one or both of your side windows is broken, don’t panic! Here are the steps to take before you execute a car side window replacement:

  1. Call the police and your insurance company – Your auto insurance plan might cover any damage to your car window that resulted from an accident, break-in, or natural disaster. For accidents and break-ins, we recommend contacting law enforcement so they can submit a police report. Some first responders will provide an incident report following a natural catastrophe if you call them from a non-emergency number within a few days of the occurrence.
  1. Take pictures – Before you start cleaning up the broken shards of glass, don’t forget to document the damage. This step is crucial for insurance and law enforcement purposes, especially if the shattered car window was caused by an accident or burglary.
  1. Clean up – It’s safe to start repairing the damage after the police and insurance company have the information they require. This implies getting rid of the shattered glass. Any substantial piece can be carefully picked up by a gloved hand, and a vacuum can help with the smaller components. Your best option will be a shop vacuum, rather than a regular household vacuum.
  1. Cover the broken window – You now must deal with what’s left of your automobile window since the glass has been taken out. Whether the damage is minor or extensive, you should always install a temporary cover.

A car opening could lure potential robbers, provide as an entry for small animals, and expose the interior to snow and rain damage. Some individuals might hide a broken window with cardboard; however, cardboard is not waterproof, making it a poor choice. Instead, use a garbage bag or big plastic tarp along with some packing or duct tape.

  1. Window replacement – Even though you can drive your car with a plastic window patch, we don’t advise doing so for very long. A gaping window not only makes your car’s climate control ineffective but could also block your view. You should replace your window as soon as possible to avoid these situations.

Should Your Window Be Repaired or Replaced?

Repairing a car side window with a few chips or a tiny break could be quicker and less expensive than replacing it. The size of the cracks or chips is what counts. For instance, a minor chip can be easily fixed and has no impact on the window’s stability or safety; however, even if it could be restored, a window with numerous huge cracks offers neither stability nor safety. A reputable glass company has its customer’s welfare in mind as they make recommendations.

When Should Your Car Side Window Be Replaced?

The best time to complete a car window replacement is as soon as possible. Car side windows that are broken can be highly dangerous because they won’t be as effective at shielding you from harm in an accident. Additionally, little cracks tend to enlarge and potentially cause major issues. Deal with the issue right away rather than waiting for it to worsen.

Who Pays for a Car Side Window Replacement?

Unless your insurance specifically covers that type of damage, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for your car window replacement. Typically, you’ll find that window replacement services are covered. If you know who smashed the window, you might be able to get their liability insurance to pay for the cost of replacement as well.

Before selecting a repair business, be cautious as you review the policy’s specifics– be aware that the insurer might limit your options. Additionally, check the warranty coverage if your automobile is brand new to see whether a replacement window can be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What to Look for in a Window Replacement Company

First, you want to choose a business with a solid reputation. There are a ton of auto glass repair businesses in the Salt Lake Valley, but you don’t want to entrust your car window replacement to just any business. Pick a firm with a strong local reputation and excellent online reviews.

Some businesses will travel to you; if you value your time, check for a mobile auto

glass repair service. If your home is within 25 miles of Utah Mobile Auto Glass in Sandy, Utah, one of our skilled experts will visit your house to provide a car side window replacement. This saves you time by allowing you to get your car side window fixed at home rather than having to wait around an auto body shop.

Reach Out to Utah Mobile Auto Glass Today

Now that you recognize how crucial it is to execute a car side window replacement, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Utah Mobile Auto Glass. We understand the urgency your broken window warrants.

Utah Mobile Auto Glass will provide free mobile service for the repair of rock chips to any customer who lives within 25 miles of our Sandy facility. Whether you’re in Lehi or Salt Lake City, Utah, we can provide you with prompt, mobile service because of our advantageous location. Call us immediately to schedule a repair.