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Here’s What to Expect With Rear Glass Window Replacement

Here's What to Expect With Rear Glass Window Replacement

Car problems can be quite stressful on your mind and your wallet, and the need for a rear glass window replacement is no exception.

If you find yourself with a broken rear windshield, you may be wondering about safety, repairs, and immediate next steps. And if you’re a DIYer, you might wonder whether this is a project you should tackle yourself or if it’s wise to hire a professional.  Stay tuned as we share our total guide to rear car window replacement.

What To Expect From a Rear Windshield Replacement

Rear glass window replacement is a foreign process to most people. This can make the decision for a full window replacement nerve-wracking. Fortunately, when done by a professional, rear windshield replacement is a smooth process. Here is what you can expect when you bring your car in for this procedure:

  • The expert will first determine the nature of the damage — is it a chip, a crack, or a whole smash?
  • The expert will then remove any trim, old glass, and adhesive remnants. If the glass has been completely shattered, they must also remove all glass fragments and other debris to ensure the working space is clean and dust-free.
  • The replacement glass will be prepared and installed using an adhesive (urethane), which must cure before driving the car.
  • After curing, any trim and seals will be replaced, and the electronics will be reconnected and checked to ensure proper operation. If there are no unforeseen issues, the full treatment can normally be done in about an hour.

How Is Changing Your Rear Windshield Different?

Many people assume that changing a rear car window is the same as changing the front windshield, but it is actually quite different. Here are some of the main differences that set a rear windshield apart from the rest of the car:

  • Type of glass: The front windshield is made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is made up of two to three layers of glass that have been laminated together. If something hits the windshield, the glass is sturdy enough not to shatter, protecting your face and eyes from flying shards. A back windshield, on the other hand, is made of tempered glass. When broken, tempered glass is meant to shatter everywhere. However, rather than shattering into sharp shards, it will disperse into tiny, sand-like pebbles, reducing glass-related injuries. The price difference between the windshields is largely due to the differentiation of glass.
  • Defrost grid: A defrost grid is usually present or connected to the back windshield. On cold winter mornings, this grid assists in melting ice and snow off your back windshield. It takes more time to install this in your automobile, which is why the price of rear car windows differs from front windows.
  • Clean up: When a back windshield is damaged, it’s meant to shatter. As a result, when a back windshield needs to be replaced, it’s usually sitting in thousands of pieces. Before installing a new window, a technician must thoroughly clean your vehicle and the area around the back window. Because front windshields don’t typically shatter, this isn’t something that is usually required when replacing front windshields.

Why Should I Change My Rear Windshield?

A rear car window is an important component that adds to the overall safety, visibility, and aesthetics of a vehicle. Accidents, weather conditions, and general wear and tear can all cause impairment. Vehicle owners are sometimes faced with the decision of whether to repair or replace a damaged rear window. Here are some of the benefits of a full replacement:

  • Spread of damage: If the damage to the rear glass window spreads beyond repair or worsens after earlier attempts to repair it, a replacement is required. By replacing the window, you assure long-term durability and avoid additional damage.
  • Broken glass: Repairing a shattered back glass window is not an option, so rear glass window replacement is the only viable and safe choice.
  • Defrosting: Many cars have rear windows with defrosting components built in to clear fog and ice in cold weather. If these pieces are damaged, a replacement is required to restore the window’s functionality in inclement weather.
  • Aesthetic: The appearance of a car is greatly influenced by a broken or damaged rear window. A windshield replacement delivers a new, faultless window, instantly improving the vehicle’s overall appearance.
  • Peace of mind: A new, undamaged rear glass window provides assurance that the vehicle’s safety, aesthetics, and functionality are optimal. Vehicle owners can drive confidently because they know they have selected the best option for their vehicle’s rear window.

Leave Repair to the Professionals

Windshield replacement is a common part of vehicle maintenance and repair, and it’s necessary for being a responsible car owner. While certain projects can be completed by do-it-yourself go getters, others require professional assistance. You can assure the safety, efficiency, and durability of your car by depending on skilled technicians. Here are some reasons why you should leave rear windshield replacement to the professionals:

  • Correct glass: It’s critical to use the correct glass for your car’s rear windshield replacement. Professionals can choose from a variety of glass alternatives tailored to certain car models, considering elements such as curvature, tinting, defrosting capabilities, and compatibility with modern driver-assistance systems (ADAS). They have the experience and resources to choose the best glass that matches the specified criteria.
  • Insurance: Choosing a skilled rear windshield repair service can assist you in navigating the complexity of insurance claims. Many insurance policies cover windshield replacements, and using a qualified technician ensures that the process follows your insurance provider’s specific standards, boosting the likelihood of payment.
  • Time: Rear windshield repair takes time, especially for individuals who have never done it before. Professional technicians have the essential expertise and experience to conduct the replacement process quickly and efficiently, reducing vehicle downtime. They can complete the task quickly while sticking to safety requirements, allowing you to start driving your automobile as soon as possible. Some companies even offer mobile car window replacement.
  • Warranty: Newer vehicles frequently have warranties that cover numerous components, including windshields. By leaving your rear windshield replacement to an expert, you ensure that the warranty stays valid. DIY replacements may void the warranty, leaving you liable for future repairs or replacements.
  • Local rules: Vehicle installation standards for rear windshields vary by jurisdiction. Professional technicians are up to date on these regulations and follow them during the replacement process. Compliance with local legislation keeps your vehicle roadworthy and keeps you out of hot water.

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