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6 Things to Look For In a Mobile Windshield Replacement Company

6 Things to Look For In a Mobile Windshield Replacement Company

If you have a windshield with cracks or chips and needs repairing, finding a trusted and qualified mobile windshield replacement company is key.

Maintaining your vehicle is part of being a car owner and should be near the top of your priority list. Just like homeowners have to manage their properties, car owners have to take care of their cars. If you are a responsible and diligent driver, there isn’t much that’s more important than getting a damaged windshield repaired or replaced.

Some people might think that chips, scratches, or cracks may not pose too much of a risk or threat, but that is just not the case. It is important for vehicle operators to understand the importance of swift action when your windshield is damaged.

However, finding the right auto glass repair company to repair or replace your windshield can be challenging. With the number of not-so-professional shops making big claims and failing to meet expectations and promises, it can be difficult to find a company that you trust.

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6 Things to Remember When Looking For a Mobile Windshield Replacement Company

If you are repairing or replacing a car windshield, you are probably looking for a reputable company you can trust. If you aren’t sure where to start the search, here are a handful of things to keep at the top of your mind:

1. Quality Matters

Car safety is incredibly important and should be any windshield repair and replacement company’s number one priority. It is essential that any auto-service company you hire when replacing a car windshield offers top-of-the-line work, implements tried-and-true methods, and never skimps on quality.

An important consideration to keep in mind when finding a service provider is to learn if the windshields they use are from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM, a replacement windshield that is fabricated to all the exact same specifications as your original equipment windshield) or if they are aftermarket products (ARG). 

An OEM windshield is held to the exact same stringent quality control standards, whereas an ARG windshield might miss the mark in terms of safety. Inferior quality windshields should never be used. Auto glass should always be factory-approved, meet various criteria, and be long-lasting.

The quality of the technician team and their credentials is another critical aspect to consider. A certified professional that has experience in the automotive industry will never leave room for complaints later on. Some repair shops do not require their technicians to hold certifications, which means they haven’t completed a comprehensive, industry-standard training course.

2. The Convenience of Mobile Service

The beauty of being in the 21st century is that we have the luxury of convenience. We are all so busy, and nobody has the time to sit around a shop, waiting for their windshield repair or replacement to finish. 

In the world today, it would be silly not to take advantage of companies that offer mobile windshield repairs and replacements. This is a non-negotiable feature for many car owners, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be something you make use of.

If they do not offer mobile services, they should at least offer flexible scheduling to meet your unique needs. A quality shop that cares about its customers will go above and beyond to show they care, earn trust, and keep your business.

3. Will Work With Your Insurance

You pay for comprehensive car insurance; you may as well use it! But we all know that working with insurance can be a headache, and after dealing with whatever caused your windshield to crack or chip, you might not be up for the task. 

In most cases, your insurance will cover the majority of the expense. But trying to go through all of the details on your own can feel overwhelmingly frustrating. That’s why choosing a windshield repair and replacement company that will work directly with your insurance is crucial! 

Insurance companies are notoriously tedious and difficult to work with, so let someone else do the legwork, like your favorite mobile windshield replacement company. This way, you can save time, and you know that you’re receiving the coverage you deserve (and are paying for!).

4. Customer Satisfaction

Customer service can be the difference between being a returning customer or not. If the company you choose for your rock chip repairs doesn’t take care of you, make you feel important, or be accommodating, it often doesn’t matter how good of a job they do.

Finding a company that provides premium work and customer service means you won’t ever have to look for a rock chip repair company ever again! It’s also really nice to have a company in your proverbial rolodex whenever your friends or family members ask for a recommendation or referral.

5. Offers a Repair and Replacement Warranty

Whether you spend your own hard-earned money or are able to use your insurance, windshield repair and replacements cost money and should be guaranteed not to fail.

Finding a company that stands behind its work is essential. Maybe you could even find a mobile windshield replacement service provider that offers free rock chip repairs with a windshield replacement. You’ll also want to find a shop that stands behind their workmanship, protecting them from leaks or breaks and any distortion, defects, or delamination.

6. Affordability

Not only does this mobile windshield replacement service provider need to offer convenience and quality work, but being competitive and fair in their prices is important, too! If you don’t have insurance you’ll be utilizing, then affordability is definitely an important factor to consider when selecting a company for repairing or replacing a car windshield.

The great news is that an effective windshield doesn’t have to burn a hole through your pocket. You can find great quality windshields that won’t break the bank! Before solidifying your decision on a mobile windshield replacement service provider, make sure to get a quote.

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