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Total Guide to Car Sunroof Maintenance

Total Guide to Car Sunroof Maintenance

With the push of a button, a sunroof can make your vehicle feel more spacious, but regular car sunroof maintenance is needed to keep it functioning correctly.

It’s no surprise that sunroofs are growing in popularity. The number of vehicles sporting this feature has skyrocketed over the past few years. While sunroofs can make driving more pleasurable, they require regular maintenance to keep them working correctly. These luxurious features are more likely to leak or break down without proper care and attention.

Here are our expert-approved tips on how to keep your sunroof in tip-top shape.

Keep It Clean

Dirt, dust, and debris can prevent your sunroof from working correctly. To combat this, regular cleanings are essential. Cleaning your sunroof every month will help prevent damage and save you a trip to the mechanic.

Always follow the manufacturer guidelines for car sunroof maintenance, but here are some general cleaning tips to get you started:

  • Use a natural glass cleaner to clean the glass. Avoid cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar.
  • Open up the sunroof and wipe down the entire visible area.
  • Use a vacuum for heavy buildup or stubborn debris.
  • Clean the sides and tracks with a washcloth and a gentle surface cleaner.
  • If the moving parts are sticky, apply a lightweight, heat-resistant lubricant to the area.

Don’t Forget the Sunroof Drain.

The sunroof drains are aspects of your car that you probably don’t think about often; most people don’t even know they exist! Sunroofs are sealed to keep most moisture out, so drains serve to drain the water away from the vehicle. Typically, they run from inside the roof area and exit somewhere else. Sunroof drains need regular care to function correctly.

If your sunroof drain becomes clogged, it can make your car’s interior smell musty and cause a significant problem. Here’s how to clean your sunroof drains to prevent future issues:

  1. Locate the drain holes. The front drain holes usually exit in the doorjamb or under the car.
  2. Clean off any debris around the drain holes.
  3. Squeeze the rubber ends to let out any trapped water or debris.
  4. Open the sunroof all the way and pour a small amount of water down the openings of the drain holes located near the sunroof.
  5. Blow compressed air into the drains if they are clogged.

Don’t Neglect Annual Care.

Once a year, we recommend scheduling a detailing for your sunroof. If you live in a particularly dusty or dirty area, you might want to make this a monthly or bi-monthly practice.

An auto expert will clean the sunroof and perform a detailed drain cleaning. They’ll make sure there is no blockage or other concerns with the drain tubes. When those steps are complete, they’ll close the sunroof and rinse it with water. You’ll be able to fully enjoy the luxury of your sunroof once you know it’s clean and functional!

Grease a Slow or Sticking Sunroof

If you find that your sunroof sticks or opens and closes slowly, try checking the moving parts for any stripped gears, cracks, or dirt and debris. The famous phrase “works like a well-oiled machine” wasn’t coined in reference to sunroofs, but it certainly applies.

Your sunroof is full of rails, gears, and other moving parts that need lubricant to keep them going. In most cases, applying a lightweight, heat-resistant lubricant will get the job done. It doesn’t take long and will significantly impact your sunroof’s functionality and lifespan.

Replace the Gaskets

Most sunroofs are equipped with rubber gaskets that keep them sealed tight. Over time, these gaskets can crack or break due to the elements and sun exposure. When this happens, your sunroof can leak. If you’re dealing with a dripping situation in your vehicle, it’s time to replace the gaskets. Fortunately, this process is quite simple.

If the damage is minor, you can try applying black liquid electrical tape over the seal. This will create a protective, waterproof barrier. Close the sunroof and pour water over the top to check your work. If you continue to have issues with your sunroof, it’s time to take the vehicle to a professional service provider.

Listen for Concerning Sounds

Popping, grinding, and scraping noises are generally disconcerting in cars, and sunroofs are no exception. In a sunroof, these concerning sounds might indicate parts that need lubricating or repairing. If you notice these noises, promptly clean and lubricate your sunroof. If that doesn’t solve the problem, take it to a professional for an inspection. Either way, avoid ignoring the issue.

Common Car Sunroof Repairs

In addition to the repairs mentioned previously, here are some other common car sunroof repairs to be aware of:

  • Broken sunroof motor – The motor allows the sunroof to open with the push of a button. If yours isn’t working, the internal gears inside the motor might have seized-up or broken. Take your car to a professional to fix any sunroof motor issues.
  • Broken cable or track – When a sunroof cable or track breaks, the sunroof is rendered useless. In this case, a total replacement is often necessary.
  • Broken glass – Broken sunroof glass is a severe hazard that you shouldn’t take lightly. Alert a professional glass technician as soon as possible.

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