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Problems with Broken or a Missing Car Side Window


While the law is quite clear with front and back windshields, driving with a broken or missing car side window comes with its own issues. Car side windows may seem less important than the front windshield to replace. But even if you can see through a cracked or broken side window, there are consequences with choosing to ignore the problem.

Major Problems with Broken or a Missing Car Side Window

You can probably guess the common sense answers to this question: having a high-quality and fully-functional side window will protect your car’s interior whether it’s moving or not. But for some reason, we have seen many drivers wait a long time to get them replaced (usually when they get pulled over for the apparent damage).

Here are three such problems that will eventually catch up to you if you choose to do nothing.

1. Can’t Be Legally Covered With Sight-Obstructing Materials

You see it everywhere: if a side window gets shattered or broken, many will cover the wide opening with “transparent” materials like plastic and Plexiglass. Some will even cover the space with a sheet of black garbage bag plastic and duct tape it to the frame.

While you may think this is a short-term solution, it is illegal to drive with an obstructed view of any kind. It is true that Utah law allows a vehicle to drive as long as two mirrors that can see behind your vehicle (these must be the driver’s side mirror and the rear-view mirror). But having an obvious obstruction will likely get you pulled over and possibly fined.

2. Possible Damage from Water

No matter how good the duct tape may be, the elements are going to be able to get inside your car through a damaged or missing window. This can lead to smelly water damage (and mold) to your interior. When driving, you will either freeze or roast depending on the ever-unpredictable weather in Utah. And if the angle is just right, rain, snow, and hail will fall right through the window even when driving.

3.N o Window Means No Protection

Having no windshield is guaranteed to leave the driver vulnerable to projectiles, bugs, weather, and high winds. A broken or missing car side window will leave you or your passenger vulnerable to projectiles that may fly sideways. They may not be as serious as cases like these, but you never know what could happen. Ironically, the shattered glass that put the driver in danger might have saved his life if the perpetrator had used a more serious weapon.

Get Your Car Windows Replaced with Utah Mobile Auto Glass in Sandy, Utah

If you need to get a safety check for your vehicle’s registration, it won’t pass without clear and complete side windows. If your side windows or windshield gets damaged, stop by Utah Mobile Auto Glass to get them replaced. We serve all of Salt Lake and Utah counties, including Lehi, Murray, Jordan, and other communities. Make an appointment today!