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3 Major Signs It’s Time for a Windshield Replacement

3 Major Signs It's Time for a Windshield Replacement

When it comes to car maintenance, windshield replacement is one of those things that can sneak up on you. 

Most of us don’t give a lot of thought to our windshields during the day-to-day until there’s an issue. As you make your daily commute into Lehi, for example, road construction might churn up a loose rock that makes a chip in your windshield. Small chips don’t often stay small, though, and before you know it, your windshield could have a crack in it. So how do you know when it’s time to go ahead and replace your windshield? Read on for 3 major signs that your windshield needs to be replaced.

1.Your Visibility is Impaired

One of the most important functions of your windshield is to provide safety. Part of that safety comes from being able to see properly to operate the vehicle. One small chip or scratch may not seem to make much difference, but keep in mind that any imperfections in the surface of the windshield could potentially obstruct your vision as you are driving. Larger cracks can cause distortion, seriously impairing your ability to see clearly. During the day, these cracks can cause sunlight glare, and at night, headlights can cause a glare. Reduced visibility due to flaws in the windshield or other factors such as weather, can increase car crashes by as much as 19.7%. If you cannot see clearly through your windshield, it is time to get it replaced.

2.It’s Cracked

Knowing that cracks can cause you to not see as clearly through your windshield, any crack at all means you’re heading for a windshield replacement. But visibility isn’t the only reason why. Windshields actually provide structural support in the event of a car crash. Research has shown that in a front end collision, 45% of the structural integrity of the vehicle’s cabin comes from the windshield, and the windshield provides up to 60% in a rollover. With the windshield providing such support, cracks in the glass can have a real impact on your safety in the event of a car accident. Any cracks at all weaken the strength of the windshield and undermine its safety value, which requires you to replace it ASAP.

3.There are Deeper Chips

While many small chips in the windshield can easily be repaired, if they go too deep, you may need to simply replace the windshield. This is because the windshield is actually made of two pieces of glass with a laminated layer of plastic sandwiched between. If a chip is deep enough to reach the layer of plastic, repair may not be possible.

Utah Mobile Auto Glass Technicians Can Help

Fortunately, you have people to turn to when deciding whether a windshield replacement is necessary. At Utah Mobile Auto Glass, our experienced technicians can help you determine that a repair can safely be made, or that the windshield is due for replacement. In either case, we offer mobile services, including mobile replacement of your windshield, whether you live in Provo or Salt Lake City in Utah. Contact us today for a free estimate.