The rear glass can also be found by the name of the rear windshield is located parallel to the front windshield in the car, so it is the opposite of the car. The function is the same as the front glass; protect us from rain, sun and external factors of nature. It is an auto glass that helps keep the structure of the vehicle and its frame in position. It has a diversity of features that make the rear glass different but both protect the passengers.

What is a rear glass?

All vehicles have glass positioned at the front, at the rear and on the sides; until you can find cars with glass panels on the roof. The rear glass can also be found as a rear windshield or rear window glass, as its name suggests, it is the glass that is placed in the back of the vehicle and is very important because it helps the driver to see the obstacles that can have behind, other cars or use it to reverse.

The rear glass is made of tempered glass, also known as safety glass, and when it breaks, frequently it forms small, round pieces. This is different from a front windshield, which is made of laminated glass, glass consisting of two pieces of glass, with vinyl in the middle. The glass parts have heating coils; it all depends on the year of manufacture, how was made it and the model of the vehicle and the type of car. If the glass got broken, it is necessary to go with a professional to change the glass with your specific model.

How to make: rear glass

The rear glass is not created in the same way as the front glass; in fact its formula is equal to the side windows of the vehicle. It is also done in the same way as the ventilation window and glass panels. They all use the same tempered glass. The rear glass is created through chemical processes at high temperatures, so it also falls into the category of heat; this is because in this way the desired resistance will be achieved for greater protection. In the same way, it will break into circles, so it will be much safer for the person who is nearby. 

How does the rear glass replacement work?

The rear glass must be replaced by professionals in the area and who have extensive knowledge in mechanics and the difference between glass. First, check the severity of the rear glass and determine the best method to repair it. Then, remove all the remaining glass before it hurts someone. Clean all glass left in the car. After finishing the first step, you can now implement the new rear glass in the car and make sure it has no errors or leaks. Clean the glass and it is done, as if nothing had happened.

The characteristics of rear glass

You can find an infinite amount of sizes and colors in rear glass; even some people decide not to put it in their car. Some carriages have a rear glass that can be opened and closed to taste, these are joined with a hinge and open outwards, and this is to ventilate the vehicle or to create more space if you need to store something. Windshield wipers are also more common in cars, so you keep a clean car, remember to fill the water for this. If you experience damage to the rear windshield glass, repair the glass immediately.

What are those lines in the rear glass?

It is necessary that all rear windows are clean and free so that the driver can see at all times what precedes. These lines also help a glass breakage to occur in circles and send thermal glass to keep the rear glass active and warm.

The difference between the front and rear windshield replacement

The entire vehicle, to the slightest, was specifically designed to operate in a certain way or another and fulfill certain functions distributed among all. The rear glass of the car is intended to provide visibility and safety to the driver and passengers. Depending on where the glass is located, it is also intended the glass can fulfill the functions better than others. For the glass to work as desired, it is important that it is well positioned and that they have no damage.

How rear windshield is different

Both are large pieces of glass, which have a different texture and resistance, but which allows the vision of the people inside the vehicle. If we know these characteristics, then their glasses are very different from each other. Next we will mention the characteristics that stand out when determining the differences between front glass and rear glass:

Construction. We have already mentioned a variety of times that the rear glass is a special safety glass that I had to go through several chemical processes until it has the resistance that it defines, it is a tempered glass, this will make when it breaks it is in safe pieces. In contrast, the front glass has a more fragile and easy to change composition.

Details. The details and the design are what can make us identify a first view for which part of the vehicle is intended. In addition, while the front glass does not undergo any modification, the rear glass can be designed like that and even have the option of opening to ventilate inside. Many trucks or vans that have sliding windows, or windows that open outward on a hinge, even vans have the rear doors. Also even operates the elevators in the glass.

Repair/Replacement. When the rear windshield is damaged, the repair or replacement process is different from the repair or replacement of the front windshield. Therefore, do not seek to just change it and now, consult an expert who can do an excellent job and that the glass can be maintained over time. The rear glass replacement can represent a great nightmare for all the features and systems to which it is linked in the car.


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